Romanian Textile Clothing Leather companies and industry


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Investing or Partnering with the Romanian Textile Industry

  • Labour costs are extremely low and unlikely to rise extensively in the foreseeable future
  • Modest investments are required
  • Relatively quick return on investment and excellent potential for hard-currency earnings given the fact that will always be an export orientated industry
  • The opening of EC market for textile products originated from Rumania
  • Quality of raw materials and competitive prices.
  • Import duties are very low for raw materials (cotton -3%, wool -5% and silk -3%). Duty on equipment for the textile industry is 15%. These rates are not applicable for the first five years in joint ventures.
  • RomTextiles offers a large range of Free Services to all International Textile Wholesalers, Apparel and Furnishing companies, Retail Chains and Department Stores.

    The idea is very simple yet powerful. RomTextiles is a vertical business Marketplace where professionals, like yourself, may find whatever they have been looking for: any kind of product, manufacturing process and service from the most qualified Romanian suppliers in the Fashion and Textile industry. It can save you lots of time and money, making your company more and more competitive. RomTextiles's Leverage Services great expertise will help you get the most from your WEB experience!

    Do you want to know more about the RomTextiles Marketplace structure and concept? You may download the RomTextiles Diagram (PDF File, about 30 Kb): click for a Free Copy!

    Now the Internet and RomTextiles are just the right tools to improve your work and your own company. So, don't miss this outstanding opportunity!

    See some of the major benefits you may get joining the FREE RomTextiles Business Marketplace:

    Save Time No more time-consuming searches delivering poor results. No more site jumping, wasting tons of time before understanding the offer of a single company. No more language problems. Your time is money: get the most out of it! RomTextiles offers an outstanding ever-growing selection of Romanian clothing and textile suppliers in one single site loaded with search facilities and additional services. Easily, quickly, efficiently.
    Save Money Finding your suppliers easily and quickly saves you lots of time and money. But even more savings come from your chance to buy directly from manufacturers: no more intermediate costs! Compare different suppliers to get the best price with the highest quality.
    Find Quality Products Besides well known companies, Romania is literally crowded by a huge number of apparel and textile companies (many manufacturing those very same brands!), delivering high quality products. Most of them are relatively small or medium size companies, oftentimes with no sales branch or representatives in other countries. Now you can get in touch with them, buy direct their first quality merchandise, and buy their quality surplus at incredibly low prices, and much more!
    Find More Suppliers RomTextiles is the one single site you can find several possible suppliers for your desired product. Now, you can compare quality, service and price to get the best from the Romanian market. Choosing among many suppliers means better business opportunities.
    Get Help Communicating Sometimes successful business is stopped by simple issues, for one example, language. RomTextiles staff may help you to get in touch even with the smallest companies (often those offering the greatest products!), and assist both ends with any communication problem, delivering sound advice and accurate translations.
    Get Free Advice Are you looking for something special? Can't find the product, production or manufacturer you are looking for? Do you want to send a request to various companies for the same product? Get our Free "RomTextiles ADVISOR" service: fill in a form, and click a button. Another invaluable service for any RomTextiles user!
    Get Professional Consulting Need a professional advice or support to do business in Romania? Anything else? Our experienced textile and fashion professional staff delivers you the best results, including written reports.
    Become More Competitive Establishing business contacts and buying products or surplus lots directly from the Romanian suppliers may allow you to earn great savings, while acquiring a better product line. Thanks to RomTextiles you can have a dramatic advantage over your local, regional, national or international competitors. And if you don't do that, they'll do it.
    Business At Your Fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From your office desk or even from your own home computer: RomTextiles is a real breakthrough for your business and its development. RomTextiles is a powerful tool, offering you the expertise of a highly experienced and talented staff at your fingertips! If you have been looking for Romanian clothing and textile products and you always desisted because of "how to" issues or high prices, well, you got it now! RomTextiles is here just for you.